Business Outlines 


Bunkoukeiki Co., Ltd. which was established in Sept, 1977 as one of the affiliated company of JASCO Corporation, specializes in customizing the spectroscopic instruments and optical measurement instruments  which are specific to the needs and applications to the academic customers, governmental institutions, and R&D departments  for the industries.


Using various light sources, monochoromators and software, we have developed the spectroscopic systems which are suitable to the customers’ solution. Our instruments have offered much higher performance to support the customers in the various fields such as development of the new and functional materials, inspection for the thin film and etc. ,which cannot be offered by the conventional systems. We have developed many types of the systems which is only one available in the world to meets the customer’s specific requirements.


As a Pioneer in Solar Cell Measurements, we have developed spectral response measurement systems and solar simulators. We offer a wide range of instruments for the development and testing of photovoltaic cells and panels. Our products are widely used by the major Japanese institutes and manufacturers - One of our flagship products the model CEP-2000 dye sensitize/organic thin film PV cell evaluation system was co-developed with the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST).

Although widely used for measurement to the JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) we offer systems which can be used for any international measurement standard.


Our products are manufactured to the highest specifications and offer the ultimate in performance.