Irradiation Systems


NIJI-2   Variable Wavelength Light Source


  • The system can irradiate ultraviolet, visible and infrared light covering the range from 300 ~ 1150nm.


  • Very compact and ease to operate without the PC


  • Wavelength indicator is built in for safety


SM-5  Strong Irradiation Light Source


  •    An ultra-strong monochoromatic light source has been developed by employing a high intensity xenon lamp, high efficient mochonochromator, and high transmittance,


  •      With a variable wavelength light source(250~1200nm), an arbitrary wavelength can be set to irradiate monochromatic light.


  •  An optical fiber used with the system enables the monochromatic light to be introduced into the magnetic field and vacuum chamber for the ESR, NMR and etc.


MM-3  Multi Wavelength Irradiation Monochromator


  •   The system is ideal to measure the photo deterioration of pharmaceutical products, food and chemical reaction to the light.


  •  Different wavelength in each wavelength range of 220-520nm or 400-700nm can be simultaneously irradiated on max. 11 rectangular cells(using a 10mm rectangular cell)


  •  By setting the irradiation time, accumulation time of irradiation on each sample can be calculated and then dependence test on the wavelength can be performed for a short time.