Special Application Systems


BIR-50  Solar cell heat- and wheather-resistibility test system


  • Combining the s Class AAA solar simulator conforming to JIS C8912 and JIS 8933 with constant temperature unit enables the customer to perform accurate solar cell light fastness testing and thermal aging testing.


  • Temperature can be set in the range of 20 ~ 90 degree.


  • Real time light intensity monitoring and feedback system provide excellent stability of light intensity during long irradiation time.


CPM Subgap Optical Absorption  System


Measurement method 

Constant Photocurrent Method (CPM )

Monochoromatic light irradiates the sample while in order to keep photo current constant, light intensity is controlled. With the value of irradiation intensity, absorption coefficient can be obtained.


  • Structure of band gap of semiconductor thin films and various photoconductive materials can be analyzed.


  •  The system offers very wider dynamic range of absorption coefficient such as 6 orders of magnitude.


  • Real time control of the light intensity generates excellent reproducible data.


BIP-KV201   Ionization Energy Measurement System


Measurement method 

Photoelectron Yield Spectroscopy (PYS method)

Photoelectrons yield is measured as current by irradiating a sample with monochromatic light and the ionization energy is detected from the change in photoelectrons yield by sweeping the excitation wavelength of the monochromatic light.


  • Ionization energy (work function) of the sample can be measured under nitrogen atmosphere, vacuum atmosphere, and atmosphere.


  •  Using a nitrogen purge type manochromator and optical system, the system is capable to irradiate vacuum ultra violet light up to 9.54eV to the sample.


  • Employing the Pico-Ammeter, the system can perform high sensitivity measurement.



CMM-250 High Sensitivity Carrier Mobility Measurement System


Measurement method   

Time Of Flight (TOF)

By irradiating the laser beam on the Organic EL material and the material of the organic solar cell, the mobility of the carrier generated drifts in thin film is measured with high seed.


  • For evaluation of thin film, the electron and hole mobility is measured.


  •  The system achieves 10n sec of time resolution.


  • Mobility such as 10-7 ~10-3cm2/Vsec can be measured.


KV-202 Desktop Vacuum Ultraviolet(VUV) Spectrometer


Measurement method   

Vacuum Ultraviolet Spectroscopy

Employing the semi double beam method by splitting the light into two light paths, one of which goes to the monitor to compensate the fluctuation of the light source while another irradiates the sample, the system is capable to perform high stable transmission spectrum measurement.


  •  Transmission spectrum measurement is performed in the range of 120 ~ 130nm (vacuum ultraviolet region)


  • Nitrogen purge monochromater offers high resolution and high stability


  • The system is best suited to evaluate special films and substrates.