Spectrograph Systems


MK-300 Imaging Spectrograph


  •  Minimizing astigmatism, resolution degradation for wavelength at both sides has been improved.


  •  Up to three gratings can be set and controlled by the PC.


  •  The MK-301 with one grating and MK-302 with manual wavelength drive are available to meet various requirements.


CLP-200  Spectrograph with the camera lens


  •  The system is ideal to measure faint light measurement and multi point measurements.


  • The aberration-reduced and bright monochromator using the F=2.8 camera lens.


  • Since the camera lens is used, the measurement range is limited to the visible range. However, its optical system is brighter and  its spatial resolution is much better compared with the general optical systems using the mirrors.


  • The system with focal length 100mm, 300mm or 400mm are available.  And the system covering the near infrared range can be offered.